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Chaikin PowerTrader is a brand new research helmed by Marc Chaikin and Briton Hill. It was introduced at The 2023 Trade Event where Wall Street legend Marc Chaikin showed you the ONE thing he believes you need to do this year to be on the right side of history. Is he on the mark or way out in left field? This Chaikin PowerTrader review tells you everything we know so far about Chaikin PowerTrader service.

The 2023 Trade Event Recap

Here’s a quick recap of what Marc said at The 2023 Trade Event:

  • How Marc predicted this month’s run on the banks, way back in November.
  • The rare signal with a 100% success rate of predicting the stock market since 1950 – and what it’s just told us to expect for the rest of 2023.
  • Marc answered the No. 1 question on everyone’s minds: “Are we REALLY in a repeat of 2008?”
  • How to turn this market’s volatility to your advantage – including the ONE specific trade you need to make with your money in 2023.
  • (Hint: This is NOT the time to FREEZE and do nothing!)
  • Absolutely FREE: The name and ticker of Marc’s No. 1 stock recommendation right now.

Click here to watch the replay

So what this presentation was all about?

Marc tells me what he’s seeing right now has convinced him to issue a BIG new prediction he’s never shared in a presentation like this before.

It all has to do with a rare signal that’s only occurred a handful of times in the last 72 years – which just flashed in recent weeks telling him a big shift is coming to the markets.

He first spotted it back in January, when he wrote to his followers to expect the next wave of volatility to hit U.S. stocks.

He said, “The volatility likely isn’t over yet,” and to expect, “pullbacks of 3% to 8%.”

Marc put out his warning BEFORE the sell off that occurred in February and BEFORE the bank run and the ultimate demise of banks like Slivergate and Silicon Valley Bank.

This signal has everything to do with the volatile conditions we’ve experienced in the markets recently… and it’s going to be remarkably important for you to understand in the coming weeks.

It’s a signal Marc’s tracked for years…

In short – according to Marc Chaikin, a major shift is coming to the U.S. stock market.

He knows this because of something he tracks, called the Breakaway Momentum Indicator.

When we are looking at Breakaway Momentum, we are looking at the relationship between two groups of stocks. Specifically, stocks that are advancing vs. stocks that are declining.

And we’re comparing the ratio of stocks advancing each day for 10 days vs. the stocks that are declining each and every day.

Every time this signal has occurred over the last 72 years, it has been an incredibly bullish indicator for stocks.

Marc Chaikin new Prediction

I’m looking ahead to a very bullish 12 month period that could see the S&P rise 20% or more…

But don’t forget, we also need to be prepared to navigate the 3%-8% pullbacks history tells us to expect along the way.

That’s why the timing is right, said Marc – to publicly reveal the perfect strategy for today’s volatile market

The Power Trade Strategy – How It Works?

It’s a way to use the Power Gauge to make potentially bigger gains than any other strategy Marc ever shared outside his Wall Street clients.

The real secret behind this strategy is what Marc Chaikin calls: the “Power Trade Signal.”

Because when it happens, it is a very powerful signal that the time is right to make ONE specific trade for potentially BIG, fast gains.

And Marc gave us an example with a company called Workiva (WK).

With the Power Gauge alone, you would have made 86% in five months after the volatility occured. But when you add in the Power Trade Signal, your gains could’ve jumped to 729% instead.

Can you use this strategy on any stock in the Power Gauge?

In short – no.

You see, the Power Trade Signal ONLY ever appears on stocks that are already rated Bullish in the Power Gauge.

But there’s another critical factor that we need to see, too…

Marc Chaikin and his team are essentially hunting for bullish rated stocks that experience volatility.

In other words, their strategy allows them to take situations where volatility would normally whiplash you out of a stock and use it to their advantage.

And that is what makes this strategy PERFECT for this moment in time. That sort of volatility is exactly what Marc Chaikin needs to see astoundingly large gains – bigger than anything they’ve targeted using the Power Gauge before.

And it allows them to remove much of the volatility that give investors so much heartburn and cause them to sell stocks at the exact wrong time.

You see they are getting in AFTER the volatility occurs.

The volatility causes the stock to pull back. A brief speedbump.

Then they wait to see if it triggers the Power Trade Signal.

And if it triggers, they ONLY get into the trade AFTER the volatility has passed.

There has never been a better time in history, from a Power Gauge standpoint, to use this strategy.

So, in short, the Power Trade strategy only works on stocks that already have a bullish Power Gauge rating.

And it relies on a signal that only triggers after a bullish stock has hit a speedbump and then resumes its march higher.

To help you get started with this strategy Marc Chaikin, along with Briton Hill, just put together everything you could possibly need to know about how this strategy works in a brand-new report called The Power Trade Manifesto.

In this report, they explain…

  • Exactly how to get started with our Power Trades.
  • Simple-to-follow instructions for how to execute Power Trades from your brokerage account.
  • How to limit the downside of every Power Trade you want to make and how we suggest you size your positions accordingly.
  • And their precise strategy for building a portfolio of Power Trades in the coming months – and when they’ll let you know to close your Power Trades for maximum gains.

To get this report, all you have to do is to give a try to Marc Chaikin’s brand new research Chaikin PowerTrader.

Who Is Briton Hill?

He’s a self-made multimillionaire who began collecting rare gold and silver coins before he was 10-years old… and cashed out at the peak in 2011.


He got his start as a professional investor when he was hired as one of the youngest traders in investing giant Fidelity’s 77-year history.

By 22, received his series 7, series 63, and series 65 designation from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

He went on to co-found a private wealth management company, where he grew assets from $17 million to more than $150 million in less than three years.

He nailed the bottom of the COVID crash, buying just three days before the market bottomed and grew his personal options account 257% in 2020 alone.


In 2021, he accurately called the top of the bull market.


He warned investors to sell long term bonds and to raise cash. Soon after, the 20 year treasury fell over 23% while the dollar soared 16%.


Then he sold all of his gold holdings the exact day gold peaked in March of 2022.


He’s rung the opening bell at the NYSE…

Been featured in Business Insider

And Marc Chaikin believes that he is going to be the future of Chaikin Analytics.

Learn more about Briton Hill here and here.

What Is Chaikin PowerTrader?

In this new research service, Marc Chaikin and Briton Hill are going to be using the Power Trade Signal to find the best opportunities every month to quickly double your money or more when they see this signal occur.

In fact, everything you need to know about these opportunities, including when the signal triggered, the ticker symbol of the stock it triggered on, what specific Power Trade they recommend you make on the stock, and much more is all detailed in the brand-new Chaikin PowerTrader Model Portfolio.

Marc Chaikin and Briton Hill designed Chaikin PowerTrader so folks can learn how to hit the ground running, regardless of your level of experience.

They’ll update members every month on the latest Power Trade signals they’ve spotted in their system… plus their breakdown of the market… and of course, the exact actions you need to take right away to make their recommended trade.

Ready To Try Chaikin PowerTrader? Click here for the best price

What’s Included with your Chaikin PowerTrader Subscription?

Here’s everything you’ll receive:

50% OFF One full year of Chaikin PowerTrader

50% OFF One full year of Chaikin PowerTrader

This is your chance to get all of the Power Trade recommendations you need to protect yourself and potentially make multiple times your money in 2023.

One FREE year of the Power Gauge Analytics system

One FREE year of the Power Gauge Analytics system

With this easy-to-use version of Marc’s extraordinary system (that usually costs $5,000), you can screen for the best opportunities in the market and instantly know if any stock you own or wish to own is rated a BUY, SELL, or HOLD.

One FREE year of The Discovery Engine

One FREE year of The Discovery Engine

Unlock names and tickers poised for growth that you’ve likely never heard of before. With Marc’s proprietary system (based on the technology pioneered by Netflix), you simply type in any winning stock – and you’ll instantly see a list of similar stocks with the same potential to skyrocket. Just as important, you can use this system to weed out the most dangerous stocks in the market right now. And you can use it to essentially double the amount of Power Trades you make over the next 12 months.

PowerTrader Master Class Video Series

PowerTrader Master Class Video Series

Join Briton as he shows you step-by-step how to make Power Trades yourself, from how to set up a trading account to how to place a trade from your computer. Each video is brief and easy to follow. All you have to do is follow along.

Access to The Stansberry Top 5 Power Trade Report

Access to The Stansberry Top 5 Power Trade Report

Marc and Briton are so dedicated to your success in 2023, they looked across their corporate affiliate Stansberry Research’s entire universe of open recommendations right now and compiled their top 5 favorite recommendations for you free of charge today. All 5 opportunities just triggered a Power Trade signal, telling us they will outperform in the coming weeks.

Access to The Power Trade Manifesto

Access to The Power Trade Manifesto

Meet your Power Trade “bible.” Inside this report, you’ll find simple-to-follow instructions on how to place Power Trades, how to build your portfolio in the coming months, how to use the Power Trade Signal to see 100% to 1,000% gains over and over again, and much more.

Access to Two Popular Stocks Telling VERY Different Stories in the Power Gauge

Access to Two Popular Stocks Telling VERY Different Stories in the Power Gauge

Marc just personally selected two popular stocks you need to know about right away. The Power Gauge rates one a BUY and one a SELL right now. Chances are, you may be holding one or both in your portfolio right now. And you’ll be surprised when you see their names. You see, these two stocks are in the exact opposite position as most headlines would lead you to believe today. This report alone could cover the price of your membership many, many times over.

Marc’s Portfolio Boost

Marc's Portfolio Boost

A surprise gift for all Charter members. This could reshape the way you approach investing, forever. Others paid $2,499 for it, but you’ll get it free of charge, while this offer lasts.

Chaikin PowerTrader Subscription Fee

Chaikin PowerTrader will normally cost $5,000 for one full year…

But because you’ll be a Charter Member when you join today, and because of the ongoing rate hike cycle which has absolutely crushed investors’ returns… and because the Power Trade is the fastest, most straightforward strategy for outperforming this volatile market in 2023…

If you get in today, before this offer expires, you’ll receive one full year of Chaikin PowerTrader at the special price of just $2,500.

Chaikin PowerTrader Subscription Fee

Chaikin PowerTrader Refund Policy

You’re protected by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee backed by Chaikin Analytics

Chaikin PowerTrader Refund Policy

Your service will automatically renew on an annual basis until you properly cancel. Upon renewal for your Chaikin PowerTrader subscription, Chaikin Analytics will charge $2,500 (plus applicable taxes) to your credit card or other means of payment which they will retain on file. You may cancel your service at any time by contacting our Customer Service team at 1-800-985-5916.

Bottom Line: Should You Join Chaikin PowerTrader?

With Chaikin PowerTrader you can begin using a strategy that helped Marc Chaikin make incredible wealth for his clients for five decades. It’s a way to make bigger gains than anything the Power Gauge has ever been used for until now.

And now that the timing is finally right for you to begin using it yourself, Marc is going to share his favorite opportunities each month, that he selects along with his specialist, Briton Hill.

…to multiply the gains you could make using the Power Gauge the normal way and instead execute Power Trades that could make you multiple times your money in just a few months.

Remember, this is a strategy you can apply over and over again as this volatile new bull market claws its way higher.

Each month, Marc and Briton will send you the complete details of a specific Power Trade with the potential to make hundreds of percent gains in just a few months, after a Power Trade Signal triggers on a bullish rated stock.

Ready To Get Started with Chaikin PowerTrader? Click Here To Join Now!

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