True Wealth Systems Review: The DOW 150k Portfolio 6 Picks Legit?

Steve Sjuggerud and Brett Eversole are out with a new marketing campaign for their True Wealth Systems service featuring The DOW 150k Portfolio with SIX picks. My True Wealth Systems Review will put this service to the test to find out if it’s worth your time.


True Wealth Systems Review: Watch a replay of Steve Sjuggerud’s big event

Last night, longtime Stansberry Research editor Dr. Steve Sjuggerud broke his nearly two-year silence with a bang. Thousands of folks tuned in to his brand-new video event to hear what he had to say…

They were treated to a lot, including…

  • A game plan for how Steve thinks you should prepare your portfolio not only for 2023, but for the rest of this decade… and why right now could be the best buying opportunity of the next 30 years.
  • Insights and a bold prediction from a special guest (whose name should sound familiar to you) who Steve described as “a brilliant analyst with probably the highest mathematical aptitude of anyone I’ve ever met.”
  • How to get access to six actionable trade recommendations that Steve believes could each soar more than 1,000% over the next few years… including one stock that he shared for free.
  • And whether we’ve seen the worst of the “Melt Down” yet or more pain is still coming…

I won’t spoil all the details…

I suggest you give Steve’s latest message a listen for yourself… (Check it out for free here.) I can tell you that Steve believes the stock market may be on the brink of resetting into a historic new phase that very few people will see coming.

And while this phase could bring immense opportunity for those who know what to do… it could also mean enormous risk for those who don’t, especially for those who own a particular group of stocks.

As Steve said last night…

The bottom line is, I think a lot of folks are going to walk away from today feeling much better than they did going in.

But you need to understand this, and prepare for what’s coming, as soon as possible.

These types of turning points only happen two or three times every century, and it’s critical to identify them because “not everything will go up,” Steve said. He explained more last night…

On one side, it could very well end up making you more money than you did during the entire bull market of the last decade…

But on the other side… we could see a significant number of stocks – and I’m talking big names that’ll shock you – underperform to a degree you may not believe is possible.

Part of the reason is the topic we discussed earlier today – the plans of the Federal Reserve – but that’s actually only a small piece of the story. Powerful longer-term trends and cycles are at work today that most people are overlooking or aren’t even aware of.

This might sound like a lot to understand…

Well, first, if you hear Steve’s outlook for yourself, you’ll agree with me that it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

And second, he and his team have a solution for today’s market uncertainty: a straightforward, easy-to-understand playbook anyone can use… and the names of a handful of stocks to buy and avoid completely right now.

If you missed the debut of the event last night, you can catch a replay right here.

You’ll get the full details, including the two free recommendations shared during the broadcast: one stock that could soar in the months ahead, and one popular stock Steve believes is headed for total disaster.

Steve Sjuggerud: I’m Answering Your Top Questions Today

To say that we received a LOT of great questions from viewers during my 2023 Market Warning this week is an understatement.

The problem is, we just didn’t have enough time to answer them all.

Which is why I just sat down and pulled up some of the most popular ones so that I could address them here today (see my responses below).

Hopefully this helps clear up any confusion you may have about the enormous opportunity we have in front of us right now.

And remember, you can jump back to the order page at any time to finish becoming the newest True Wealth Systems member by clicking here.

Okay, let’s get right to it…

Question #1:“The Fed has raised interest rates very high… the yield curve is inverted at a level not seen in decades… and inflation is still above the Fed’s targeted 2%. Do you think the US will go through a recession (maybe even a mild one) in 2023 or 2024? Or do you see a soft landing coming up for the US economy?”

Everyone expects a recession. It’s become the consensus bet.

The problem with that is one we all know too well…

When everyone is certain of an outcome, it’s far LESS likely to occur!

Even if a recession does come (if it hasn’t already), it’ll be what everyone predicted.

And I think the damage to stocks will be minimal.

Not to mention that the market has already priced in falling earnings… which is the downstream effect of a recession.

Our estimates show earnings will only be down around 6% to 7% on average with next reportings.

Yet, the S&P 500 Index already dropped nearly 20% last year!

That’s the market ALREADY pricing in a coming recession and further earning declines.

We’re not guaranteed to “dodge the bullet” today. But it sure seems possible.

And the surprise potential for stocks isn’t to the downside… it’s to the upside.

Question #2: “If we’re still in a ‘Secular Bull Market’, do you see continuing growth in stock prices attributable to earnings growth or multiple expansion? If growth in stock prices is even partially attributable to multiple expansion, then what will be the trigger of this multiple expansion?”

A secular bull market will lead to growth in both.

These trends are always built on long-term economic expansion…

And that means earnings will grow, likely faster than anyone believes.

However, as all that gets going, investors get excited as well.

“Animal spirits” wake up and investors will push valuations to higher and higher levels.

We saw this happen coming out of the pandemic…

But the eventual top at the end of this secular boom could make the COVID rally look like child’s play.

And it’s why the long-term potential is SO huge right now.

Question #3:”What happened to looking for investments that are ‘hated, cheap, and in an uptrend’?”

It might not seem like it, but that’s exactly what we’re doing with the brand-new Dow 150k Portfolio.

The painful year of 2022 sent stock prices and sentiment WAY down…

And today we can buy quality companies at low prices, at a moment when no one else wants to own them.

But perhaps most importantly, prices have actually begun rising in recent months.

Meaning, we finally have an opportunity to put money to work with less risk.

So yes, back to your question…

We ARE recommending companies that are cheap, hated, and in an uptrend.

And this is likely the BEST buying opportunity we’ll get for the duration of this secular bull market…

Which could last until the end of this decade (at least!).

You can learn all about the SIX stocks our team (along with our proprietary system) sees as having the highest potential gains with the least amount of risk inside our brand new report:

The DOW 150k Portfolio: 6 Stocks that Could Soar 10x (or More) in the Next Bull Market

You’ll receive your copy the instant you claim your free year of True Wealth Systems today…

Click here to get started now.

Question #4:”With the impact on corporate earnings that the Fed’s interest rate hikes are having, why is now the time for the emergence from the bear market? The signals of revenue growth and return on assets will be low for the next couple quarters when interest rate hikes continue to impact corporations”

It’s an old adage that the stock market leads the economy… but it’s really true.

Stocks fell last year long before any real problems showed up in the economy or corporate earnings.

And the bottom will likely happen before the bad news ends… if it hasn’t already.

That’s how these cycles have played out for a century now.

If we wait for the bad news to end, we’ll miss out on the biggest gains – it’s that simple.

And that’s why I believe acting right now, even if it feels scary, is the right thing to do.

That’s really the ONLY reason we can recommend buying quality companies at such low prices today.

And we don’t want to miss that opportunity.

Because if you do, the amount of money you could end up leaving on the table can be truly staggering.

Here are the SIX stocks we recommend you buy now to take advantage.

Question #5:”Your system says when to buy a stock… does it also tell you when to sell a stock?”

Absolutely! Our system gives us both clear buy AND sell signals.

For instance, just last year, we closed out individual winning trades for gains of 181%, 94%, and 88%.

For the 181% and 94% winners, we sent SELL alerts to our readers on February 3… and we sent the SELL alert for the 88% winner on March 3.

As you can see below, our timing was nearly perfect…

We recommended readers close out ALL three of those trades and take their profits BEFORE the market took its biggest fall of the year just a few weeks later…

That’s not a coincidence!

That’s just our system at work…

Giving us a clear indicator that stocks were headed for a very rough stretch and it was time to exit those trades while we were still well in the green.

Question #6:”Steve, in the past you had talked about the Melt Up. Have you announced the Melt Down yet?”

Back in April of 2021, while stocks were still soaring, I warned readers that “a massive Melt Down will hit the financial markets before the end of this year.”

Granted, my timing may have been a tad early…

But by now I think it’s quite evident that I was spot on – what we’ve been experiencing since early 2022 is the Melt Down.

The S&P dropped 20%… the Dow was down 10%… and the Nasdaq lost a whopping 33% of its value.

And if you look a little deeper into specific market sectors, it gets even worse…

But perhaps what’s most alarming in all of this, is that the S&P experienced 62 one-day declines of 1% or more in 2022

That was the most damage it’s endured since 2008!

So, when I hear people saying, “Oh this isn’t a huge Melt Down… you haven’t seen anything yet…”

It just makes me laugh.

Because are they looking at the same numbers I am?! This is undoubtedly a Melt Down.

When the entire stock market drops more than 21%…

What else could you call it?

And here’s exactly what Brett and I recommend you do before we come out of the Melt Down and the market makes its next big move.

Question #7:”I thought you said after the Melt Up we would have a down or stagnant market for years – what is the reality?”

As much as we might want it to sometimes, the stock market doesn’t follow a perfect script.

Things change every day (every hour really!) on Wall Street, and that means long-term analysis almost never plays out EXACTLY as stated, down to the finest detail.

The important thing is that you get the big bets right.

For example, the Melt Up lasted longer than I initially thought it would…

And that had a lot to do with circumstances that almost nobody could have seen coming.

Like Donald Trump’s election… the COVID pandemic… or the housing bubble growing to an insane degree.

I always said that interest rates rising is what would bring on the Melt Down.

But did I know that the record high inflation that prompted the Fed to finally hike rates would be due in large part to supply chain issues that were caused by a global pandemic?

Of course not.

The bottom line is that the Melt Down has lasted for over a year now…

But that does NOT change the fact that our analysis that we’re also still inside a secular bull market is 100% sound.

Bear markets have occurred inside secular bull markets all throughout history, and always will…

So don’t let the length of the Melt Down distract you from the massive long-term opportunity that’s still in front of us today.

Question #8:”What are some of the stocks that you are sure people are holding in their accounts that you recommend selling?”

Well, if you were tuned into our 2023 Market Warning this week, you know a few of them already…

Brett told you all about how there looks to be a LOT more pain ahead for the FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google)… even despite their disastrous performance since 2022…

And the free “stock to dump” we shared at the end of the broadcast was Kohl’s Corporation (KSS)…

…All thanks to their falling revenue, declining free cash flow, and more than $8 billion worth of debt.

But there’s FIVE more popular stocks just like that inside our brand-new report, 6 Stocks to Dump Before the Stock Market’s Massive Surge.

You’ll receive a free copy the moment you claim your 79% OFF discount to join True Wealth Systems today.

And it’s a must-read…

Because holding any one of these five stocks could spell disaster for your portfolio in 2023.

Click here to get started and claim your copy now.

Question #9:”What’s the Oil Boom Portfolio?”

So, we didn’t have a ton of time to cover this free bonus during our broadcast…

But simply put, this report is a MUST-READ if you missed out on the big gains that we saw from the energy market last year.

Inside, we take a hard look at the ever-changing oil landscape in America… and the most lucrative ways to take advantage of it.

You’ll get instant access to an additional FIVE recommendations that are all in buy range today.

You can claim your free bonus copy of this report here.

Question #10: “I missed the first part of this presentation. Will a replay be available?”

Yes, of course!

At least today, you can still watch a complete replay of the event right here.

Final Thoughts

Okay, that’s it for now…

I hope this helped clear up any confusion you may have had following my 2023 Market Warning.

Or, if you’re ready to take action now and find out which SIX stocks could potentially return 500% – 1,000%…

Plus, which established market leaders could be facing a severe downturn during this major market reset that’s fast approaching…

You can get started in minutes right here.

Just please don’t hold off too long though…

This special offer is expiring very soon.

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