What Is Jeff Clark’s Forever Portfolio Summit?

“Option-like” gains without touching options?

On the surface, it sounds absurd. But according to former $200 million private money manager Jeff Clark, an ultra-rare phenomenon is set to occur this fall. It’s a rare “12-day window” that happens during bear markets… triggering the chance at gains of 492%, 5,590%, or even as much as 11,780%.

In short, you could book a decade’s worth of gains faster than you can with other strategies… if you see this “12-day window” coming in advance and position yourself BEFORE it unfolds across the market.


Major Announcement From Dr. Steve Sjuggerud

“This is what I’m doing with my own money right now. I recommend you do the same”.

In a brand-new update, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud explains his No. 1 recommended sector that could reliably make you hundreds-of-percent gains in the coming months, no matter what the market does next.

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Get all the details during Jeff Clark’s The Forever Portfolio Summit. It has been scheduled to take place on Wednesday, October 12 at 8 pm ET. It’s FREE and you can watch the replay here. Complete your registration and then read Jeff Clark’s essay where Jeff explains why you should view the current bear market as an opportunity – rather than an obstacle – to making money.

Here’s Jeff…

The Bear Market Silver Lining

No one likes bear markets.

They’re scary, uncertain, and largely unprofitable… To most investors.

When the S&P 500 drops over 24% in a year, it’s typically a bad sign.

Add in spiraling inflation and ever-increasing interest rates, and the market goes into panic mode.

While it may seem crazy, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for 14 years.


Huge Recession Loophole (See These Charts)

Amid today’s market turmoil, THIS is one of the biggest and most bullish opportunities today: a red-hot sector with almost unlimited pricing power and a history of outperforming in recessions. It’s also the sector where our good friend Dr. David Eifrig spent half his professional life – meaning he’s extremely qualified to spot world-class opportunities today.

Take a look at the evidence here.

That’s right…

This is an opportunity for those willing to go against the grain.

You see, anyone can make money in a bull market. You could’ve thrown a thousand dollars into any number of crypto coins, meme stocks, or SPACs and watched your money grow in 2021.

But it’s what you do in bear markets that determines who truly gets rich… and who barely scrapes along.

In fact, 2008 was one of my best years EVER. Thanks to a rare 12-day window created by a “historic mathematical aberration,” I was able to make millions for myself and my clients.

And the same lucrative 12-day window that opened back then is set to happen again this fall.


How I Made $100,000 Overnight

It began with a mysterious phone call from a billionaire hedge-fund manager… desperate for access to Joel Litman’s stock market rating system before the next opening bell. What happened next would unlock a stock market phenomenon that spits out 10-, 20-, and even 30-baggers a few rare times per year. And right now, it’s happening again.

Just make sure you see this incredible story before tomorrow’s opening bell.

This event could trigger the chance at gains of 492%, 5,590%, and even as much as 11,780% if you’re willing to take ONE action in your brokerage account right now.

It’s time to move your cash off the sidelines and into this particular strategy that could have life-changing effects on your finances.

Jeff Clark Forever Portfolio Summit Details And Registration

So on October 12 at 8 p.m. ET, I’m making a big announcement in Las Vegas… For the first time ever, at The Forever Portfolio Summit, I’ll share all the details on this little-known money-making strategy.

It’s a way to see “option-like” gains without touching options.

I know what it sounds like… I’ve traded options for over 36 years. They’re my bread and butter.

But I’ve used this strategy to make millions. It works best in bear markets like the one we’re currently in.

It was so profitable that I kept it secret for decades.

Many of my wealthy clients at my former $200-million brokerage firm begged me for this strategy. I even turned down generous million-dollar offers from Wall Street mega firms for my secrets.


Severe Stock Warning: A New Financial Crisis Is Underway

It doesn’t matter if you have money in the markets right now, or you’re waiting on the sidelines. The short period we’re about to enter could have the power to make – or destroy – fortunes. And what you do in the coming days could determine your wealth for the next decade. Here’s what’s happening and how to prepare.

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However, I’ve seen too many investors shoot themselves in the foot during bear markets. They panic, sell everything, and regret it for years. I’m tired of seeing regular folks lose it all, while Wall Street makes billions.

So, I’m finally coming forward with all the details about this special 12-day window that could create a decade’s worth of gains in just days.

And because this window is fast approaching, it’s important you attend my exclusive Forever Portfolio Summit on October 12 at 8 p.m. ET. You can reserve your seat right here, right now.

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