Steve Sjuggerud Melt Up 2021 Prediction: True Wealth Systems Picks

Steve Sjuggerud dropped everything to host a new Melt Up update last week. During the event, he detailed a new phenomenon happening in the markets. And he explained why it could lead to the biggest gains we’ve seen yet.

Steve Sjuggerud dropped everything to host a new Melt Up update last week. During the event, he detailed a new phenomenon happening in the markets. And he explained why it could lead to the biggest gains we’ve seen yet.

By Chris Igou, analyst, True Wealth

Christon “The Truth” Jones didn’t panic during the depths of the March 2020 market crash…

In fact, Christon was one of the few folks to sweep in with a bullish mindset on stocks back then. While countless others feared what COVID-19 would bring, he went into buy mode.

And he didn’t bet on just any old stock either… Christon went long electric-car maker Tesla (TSLA) through a single options contract.

As we now know, the stock market rallied off its March 2020 bottom and was hitting new highs by the summer. So Christon’s big bet turned into an incredible trade…

After bottoming at a split-adjusted price of around $72 per share in March, Tesla roared back to more than $400 per share in mid-August. As a result, Christon netted $78,000 on that one options contract.

It’s a trade that anyone would love to have under their belt. But to this point, I have left out a crucial part of this story…

You see, Christon is only 14 years old


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Now, I must admit, Christon isn’t a normal 14-year-old kid…

He actually has several years of investing under his belt.

When Christon was 9 years old, he found a YouTube video explaining why e-commerce giant Amazon (AMZN) was a good opportunity. And he was so excited about it that he convinced his mom to let him buy shares.

That was just the start… He bought several stocks after Amazon. Soon, his mom started teaching him about options contracts. And now, at age 14, he has already coached more than 1,000 people on how to trade options.

So when he went long Tesla last March, it wasn’t his first experience in the market.

I’m not taking anything away from Christon’s success to this point…

He has knowledge beyond his years. He had the guts to go long Tesla as the market crashed in March 2020. And he profited as stocks roared higher into the summer.

But while Christon’s big winner is partly due to his years of experience even at a young age, today’s “Melt Up” environment is exactly what makes these kinds of trades possible. And his story will certainly help fuel the craziness from here…

This is what the Melt Up is all about…

Gains like those that Christon made last year are inspiring folks who’ve missed the rally to get in now… before it’s too late.

More people are trading than ever before. And when the GameStop (GME) fiasco took off earlier this year, it seemed like nearly everyone was paying attention to the stock market.

This is the crowd that we tend to see near the peak of a Melt Up. They’re the last group to arrive to the party. They’re also why the final inning of the Melt Up can lead to some of the biggest gains of the entire bull market.

These folks will bid stocks up to insane prices. They aren’t worried about fundamentals or long-term prospects. They’re only here to gamble… and hopefully make the easy money they see others raking in.

That’s how the Melt Up peaks. And while we’re not there yet, the craziness is certainly underway. Christon’s story proves it. And you’ll want to take advantage of it while you still can.


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This mass euphoria is why Steve Sjuggerud dropped everything to host a new Melt Up update last week. During the event, he detailed a new phenomenon happening in the markets. And he explained why it could lead to the biggest gains we’ve seen yet. You can still watch his presentation for free by clicking here.

Cashing in on the Green Wave

William Mikula from Palm Beach Daily will tell you what’s going on in the cannabis space… and how you can position yourself to ride it higher…

As more states legalize cannabis, all signs continue pointing to an indisputable megatrend…

The Legal Cannabis Bandwagon Is Getting Bigger

By William Mikula, analyst, Palm Beach Daily

On March 31, New York fully legalized cannabis use for state residents 21 and over, effective immediately.

It’s something we’ve been predicting for months. Faced with the threat of losing tax revenue to neighboring states that permitted the sale of cannabis products, the Empire State would have no choice but to give in.

And with legalization on the books, New York projects $350 million in additional tax revenue along with up to 60,000 new jobs.

This “domino effect” we’ve been writing about for months is playing out all across the country. Just last week, New Mexico’s governor signed a bill to legalize recreational cannabis.

Similar to how New Jersey’s legalization forced New York’s hand, for New Mexico, it was Arizona.


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Even Virginia legalized use on April 7. This signals a shift in what many consider to be the more conservative South.

At this point, since the November general elections, seven more states have voted to legalize recreational marijuana – and the pace is quickening.

It’s not hard to see why…

2020 was a banner year for cannabis sales, with sales skyrocketing 46% year over year to $17.5 billion. And market research firm Grand View Research forecasts the market will be worth $84 billion by 2028.

On top of that, Congress is starting to act, too.

On Monday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the SAFE Banking Act. The bill prohibits federal banking regulators from punishing financial institutions that choose to work with legal cannabis businesses.

Emergency Briefing: “The Great Reset”

It stills need to approval by the U.S. Senate… but with Democrats controlling both chambers, that prospect seems more likely than ever.

Regardless of what happens on the federal level, state politicians won’t want to miss out on a cut of that revenue. Next up, we see Pennsylvania and Maryland caving into the domino effect… and joining the legal cannabis bandwagon.

All these states toppling in favor of legalization is a huge win for investors in the cannabis megatrend…

In today’s Palm Beach Daily, I’ll tell you what’s going on in the cannabis space… and how you can position yourself to ride it higher…


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Soaring Revenues

In states that have legalized recreational and medical cannabis, we’re seeing record-shattering sales.

For example, Colorado reported over $2 billion in sales for 2020. That was even amid sweeping COVID-19 lockdowns and a 52% decrease in tourism spending.

Illinois also set a new monthly sales record of $109 million this March. The state is only entering its second year of legalization… but it’s already threatening to top high-revenue states like Washington and Oregon for total sales.

All signs continue pointing to an indisputable megatrend forming in cannabis.

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Here at Palm Beach Research Group, that’s what we focus on. We position ourselves early in undeniable trends… then we let time do the heavy lifting. And cannabis was one of the first major trends we introduced to our you in the last few years.

We believed it was perfectly poised to see a surge and potentially deliver incredible gains for investors… And even though cannabis-related companies have seen volatility since then, the overall trend is still up.

Indeed, since the initial stages of cannabis legalization in 2012, sales never stopped climbing…

You can see this at work in the chart below.

The blue line plots the price of industry benchmark Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF (HMLSF) against total cannabis sales over the same period (the blue bars):


All told, cannabis sales have grown from $8.4 billion in sales in 2017 to $19.8 billion in 2020. That’s a stellar 33% annual growth rate, and it’s expected to continue growing at a similar rate to over $24 billion this year…

At the same time, market sentiment is still negative as reflected by much lower share prices… This setup is giving us a great buying opportunity.

Eventually, market sentiment will catch up to the fundamentals of growing sales. And once the market awakens, we’ll see share prices across the industry start to take off – like they’re doing now…


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Cashing in on the Green Wave

All the signs are pointing to another bull market in cannabis. Companies like Hexo Corp, Organigram, and Aphria are up about 32%, 65%, and 84% year to date.

And remember, Grand View Research expects the global legal cannabis market to expand at an annual growth rate of 14.3% from 2021 to 2028, to a total market value of about $84 billion.

That’s four times greater than the total legal cannabis market value of roughly $20 billion today.

If you’re looking for broad exposure to the legal cannabis sector, consider the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (HMLSF). It holds a basket of some of the best names in the space.

Since the green wave on Election Day, the ETF has shot up about 74%… with more gains likely to come.

Always remember… do your homework before making any investment. And never bet more than you can afford to lose.

Jeff Brown’s Last Digital Leap Investment Summit

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Incredible Time In The Semiconductor Industry

It’s such an incredible time right now in the semiconductor industry.

As we’ve discussed before, there are significant supply constraints in the industry that are affecting many sectors of the semiconductor market.

The reality is that the underlying economy has been strong, and the demand for many semiconductor products is much stronger than the supply.

This results in strong economics for semiconductor companies. Prices and gross margins tend to increase. This results in stronger free cash flows.

And some of these cash flows are reinvested in capital expenditures to both increase capacity and also invest in the next generation of semiconductors.


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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM) just recently announced that it is pulling in its 4 nanometer (nm) manufacturing into 2021 ahead of schedule. It was the first to begin manufacturing its leading-edge 5 nm manufacturing last year, and it has been in full swing this year.

And not only is it pulling in its 4 nm production, it is also charging ahead full speed on its bleeding-edge, 3 nm manufacturing process. It will enter risk production late this year and mass production in 2022.

Semiconductor technology may seem esoteric. But each new generation brings chips that are smaller, more powerful, and more power-efficient.

These new semiconductors are particularly good at running technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and improving our communications technology. In other words, they have a direct impact on our lives.

And despite the pandemic, the global semiconductor materials market grew 4.9% to a record high of $55.3 billion. This was above the past high in 2018.

Furthermore, the February numbers for global semiconductor sales rose 14.7% year-over-year to $39.6 billion for the month. This is an impressive jump considering last February was a “normal” month in a very strong economy, just before the economic lockdowns ensued.

I keep a close eye on delivery lead times of semiconductors to get a feel for the pricing power of semiconductor companies, as well as the overall economic strength in the market. When lead times start to collapse, it can lead to a glut of semiconductors. And that’s always a bad sign for the industry and the economy.

But we’re seeing the opposite of that right now. Some lead times for networking semiconductors are now at 50 weeks – almost an entire year.

This is being driven by semiconductor foundries like TSMC, Global Foundries, SMIC, Samsung, and others being completely full. And the shortages have extended well beyond the automotive sector, laptops, and game consoles.

Semiconductors used for information technology (IT) networking (for use in switches and routers) are critical to expanding the overall capacity for increased data traffic over the internet. They are the “brains” and the workhorses that keep all of our bits and bytes moving quickly to the right destination. They allow us to connect with one another no matter where we are in the world.

These shortages are further exacerbated because we are experiencing a confluence of exciting events in the world of technology.


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And we’re leaping from analog processes in biotechnology to computational biology and drug discovery driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The incredible thing is that these leaps are all happening right now… and they all require the next generation of bleeding-edge semiconductors to bring them to life.

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