Marc Chaikin Prediction & Warning for 2023 (Financial Reset is Coming)

Marc Chaikin’s prediction for 2023 could impact your wealth, especially if you have large amounts of cash in the bank. He has warned Americans to prepare for a historic financial reset in 2023. To learn the likelihood that his prediction for 2023 would come true, read this review.

Marc Chaikin Prediction 2023 Review

In short, Marc Chaikin is noticing that many Americans are currently quite confused and making some pretty silly financial mistakes.

People have experienced significant stock market losses… And Marc’s prediction is that things will only grow worse – especially in 2023.

On the other side, Marc believes 2023 may end up being the best year of your financial life if you know ahead of time what’s to come.

This is the reason why he made this public message. Read further for all details of this important market event.

Marc Chaikin’s Prediction For Sell-off on the Stock Market 2023

After predicting the crash in 2020 and the sell-off in 2022, there is one more thing Marc shares with the world right now that nobody else has the bravery to say.

Covid-19 pandemic had an impact on our financial system in ways that the government has only recently started to acknowledge. It has consequences we haven’t yet felt. But Marc is confident that the agony will be painful.

In the last two years, more money has been printed than in the previous 200 years altogether.

Marc Chaikin’s Prediction For Sell-off on the Stock Market 2023

On one side we needed the money to keep the country going. On the other side, the prices went up. Over the past 2 years home prices have soared 40%, gasoline and corn and wheat have doubled in price.

If you’ve been holding cash, it’s value has fallen by 20% since 2018.

The average American worker’s pay has only gone up 4.8% in the last five years, but practically everything you need to survive is getting more and more expensive.

Marc’s prediction is all of this will cause our financial system to “reset” in ways that most people won’t realize.

Money will flow OUT of popular stocks and out of cash… and into some very unexpected places.

He is positive you could make a huge profit if you know WHERE to move your money – right now – BEFORE this shift accelerates in 2023.

What Is Marc Chaikin’s Biggest Prediction of His 50-year Career?

Marc spent 50 years on Wall Street, survived 9 bear markets and helped create three new indices for the Nasdaq.

He and his team uncovered something that may soon give Americans a whole new class of common millionaires.

But what really impresses us is how he discovered this investment. His new approach might create a completely new type of investing this year. Bull or bear market.

In summary, Marc and his team created a method to identify which stocks could soon soar by 100% to 500% or more. This method analyses different factors to create stock ratings of more than 4,000 different firms.

In his Prediction & Warning for 2023 (Financial Reset is Coming) presentation he explains in details, even demonstrates what he has created.

Using this methodology, he forecasts that one certain form of investment will soar.

This sounds too good to be truth. How can one person predict with such accuracy which stocks will be rated BUY?

Let’s talk about Marc’s background and what made him a Wall Street legend.

Is Marc Chaikin Legit?

Marc Chaikin founded Chaikin Analytics LLC (formerly Chaikin Power Tools) after spending 40 years on Wall Street working as a trader, stockbroker, analyst, and head of the options department for a major brokerage firm.

The company’s stock analytics are based on the Chaikin Power Gauge, a 20-factor alpha model that has been successfully used to identify a stock’s potential in the next 3 to 6 months.

Chaikin invented the first real-time analytics workstation for portfolio managers and stock traders as well as computerized stock selection models and technical indicators that are now considered industry standards (such as Chaikin Money Flow).

He is known for his development of:

  • Accumulation/Distribution Line indicator (ADL)
  • Chaikin Volume Accumulator (VAC) indicator

The two major indicators associated with the ADL are the Chaikin Oscillator and the Chaikin Money Flow indicators. Since they were first introduced, both have seen extensive use on Wall Street.

What is the formula for Marc Chaikin’s success?

Nothing moves a stock faster – up or down – than institutional investors’ activities. A stock can climb dramatically over night and by hundreds or even thousands of percent when a bank begins to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into it.

But the question is… What initially prompts banks to purchase these stocks?

In 1966, Marc became a Wall Street broker. Since then, all these years, he worked to understand exactly what the banks were looking for in a firm to give it a BUY rating.

After 50 years on Wall Street, he has learned that when a bank’s research department gets a bullish rating, the investment side will start buying.

And that’s where he has a huge and, you might say, UNFAIR advantage.

He knows exactly which stocks the banks are most likely to buy next… because he built the very indicator, they use to help determine the stock ratings.

The bottom line is that he left Wall Street knowing the 20 criteria that big investors use to decide what to invest in… And he created a method to calculate that data and make astoundingly accurate predictions about a stock’s rating for the upcoming three to six months and beyond.

What is Marc Chaikin’s Net Worth (2022)?

Marc Chaikin is a successful businessman. If you follow the stock market news closely, you probably heard of him multiple times. As a founder and CEO of Chaikin Analytics he has appeared on several news networks, including CNBC and FOX Business.

The specific amount of Chaikin’s wealth is unknown. However, according to some sources, his estimated net worth is close to $50 million.

Chaikin Analytics – Products and Services

In 2011 Marc founded a platform for stock trading ideas called Chaikin Analytics. His mission is to make indicators and stock rating systems easily accessible to the regular people.

Chaikin Analytics - Products and Services

It includes everything you need to help you make reliable buy/sell decisions.

He made this decision after his wife Sandy lost around 50% of her 401(k) because of a bad money manager during the Crash of ’08.

Chaikin Analytics, LLC has few products at different price point:

  • The Power Gauge Report is a newsletter with mid- or large-stock recommendations and model portfolio of the top 5 stocks to buy.
  • Power Gauge Investor is a newsletter providing analysis using Power Gauge system. The #1 stock pick is usually a small cap stock along with portfolio with other stocks with potential to double or triple your money.
  • Chaikin Analytics Research & Analysis Platform
  • Power Pulse Premium is application that rates 4,000 stocks with 20-factor breakdown.
  • Chaikin Power Feed is a FREE newsletter

What’s Included with Marc Chaikin Prediction & Warning for 2023?

Become a charter member before the offer expire and you will receive:

  • One year access to Power Gauge Report. It is monthly newsletter with Chaikin’s #1 mid- or large- cap stock recommendation with potential to make you 3-5 times your money, along with a constantly updated portfolio of the top 5 stocks to buy.
  • Special updates – Marc will provide you updates via email as needed during the month, letting you know when to lock-in profits, add to, or close a position. and any new information.
  • One year access to the Power Pulse system where you can enter any of the 4,000 available stocks. The algorithm will provide you with a “Bullish,” “Neutral,” or “Bearish” rating as well as a 20-factor breakdown, allowing you to anticipate TOMORROW’S stock ratings on Wall Street… TODAY.
  • 4 Power Picks for Retirement – you will receive the names of the top 4 stocks to buy now and hold through retirement, according to Power Gauge. They have the potential to make you multiple times your money along the way.
  • Research Report: The Power Gauge: How to Double Your Money on the Best Stocks.

The Power Gauge: How to Double Your Money on the Best Stocks

In this report you will find the one thing that instantly shows you where a stock is going next. You will find out what the Smart Money on Wall Street always looks for to choose a stock to invest millions of dollars into. How to time the perfect point to buy or sell a stock. And many more hot topics.

  • Mystery Gift with $1,000 value. It is a must have in today’s market. You will receive it FREE through this offer.
  • 1 FREE year of True Wealth – You’ll learn about novel retirement investments every month from Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, a former hedge fund manager with a Ph.D. in finance who has outperformed the S&P 500 for 19 years. Normally, a full year of service costs $199 but you will get it for free with this offer.
  • Marc’s 100% satisfaction Guarantee within 30 days

Pros and Cons of Marc Chaikin Prediction 2023 Bundle

Looks like Marc and his team worked hard to put together Marc Chaikin Prediction Bundle. Power Pulse has a lot of potential and analysis and ratings are time savers for investors.

In evaluating this bundle, we discovered the following pros and cons:

Marc Chaikin Prediction 2023 Pros

  • This bundle includes Power Pulse software which can be used to personalize the system according to your own tastes.
  • Get alerts when it’s time to purchase or sell by customizing the system to track any list of stocks you like.
  • Generous discount with the current offer

Marc Chaikin Prediction 2023 Cons

  • We couldn’t find a forum where you can discuss hot topics with Chaikin community
  • Power Pulse software works with stocks only.
  • Money-back guarantee is only 30 days.

Is Marc Chaikin’s Power Gauge accurate?

The big difference between Power Gauge and other systems is that most systems only update once a month.  Power Gauge updates overnight. It can evaluate real-time news like vaccine coming out. Most importantly, it evaluates how experts and insiders are responding to the news.

The Power Gauge is built following the thinking of smart money on Wall Street. It weighs each of the 20 factors behind that thinking and then assigns a specific rating to each one.

Factors are divided into four categories.

  • Financials category include factors like:
  • Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Price to Book Value Ratio
  • Return on Equity
  • Price to Sales Ratio
  • Free Cash Flow Analysis

Essentially, it includes all the numbers a good value analyst would consider.

  • Earnings – with other words, is the company actually making any money. It includes:
  • Earnings Growth
  • Earnings Surprise
  • Earnings Trend
  • Projected Price/Earnings Ratio
  • Earnings Consistency


  • Technical category includes:
  • Strength of an individual stock vs. the S&P 500
  • Chaikin Money Flow
  • Chaikin Trend
  • Price Trend Rate of Change
  • Volume Trend

These factors measure price volume activity, including the bullish/bearish indicator Marc developed in the early 1980s and now is on the Bloomberg terminal.

  • Last category is Experts. It considers what corporate insiders and institutional investors are doing and saying at certain moment. Here is a list of the factors included in this category:
  • Earnings Estimate Revision
  • Short Interest
  • Insider Activity
  • Analyst Opinions
  • Strength of Industry Group vs. the Market

Everything is calculated every single night for 4,000 stocks. It generates an overnight report predicting the future rating.

The rating could be “Bullish”, “Neutral” or “Bearish”

Essentially, the system is able to see things about economy that even experienced analyst can’t decipher until after the fact. It can analyze real-time data as accurately as any human analyst but objectively.

The issue with most analysts is that they have strong opinions. They have judgments based on their personal beliefs and experiences. As a result, they miss all the “breadcrumbs” that could reveal huge opportunities.

Using the last category, (what insiders and experts are saying and doing) this system anticipates the short-term future. It works across the market, especially with little-known companies.

The fact is Power Gauge system can accurately pick up on market movements often long before the story appears in the press. When you see this happens over and over, you learn to trust it.

Marc Chaikin Prediction & Warning for 2023: “Financial Reset is Coming”

Marc Chaikin Prediction 2023 is about a Digital shift in how America does business after the pandemic.

He believes we’ll see the rise of a new kind of company… in dozens of different sectors.
Of course, no one can predict the exact future, but Marc strongly believes a particular kind of technology is positioned to play massive role.

It will extend “digital life” the society adapted to during lockdown. It will become permanent and will change the way America does business going forward.

He compares it like buying Apple before they released iPhone or Amazon before they created a new way to shop, or Netflix before they created a new way to rent movies.

This time, Marc believes the shift will be unexpected and wider reaching. During his interview, he shares with his audience that his system is already lighting up “Bullish” on a variety of very surprising stocks he urges you to buy immediately.

This means you should look for investments in cybersecurity, high-speed internet, new social media platforms, artificial intelligence, and more. Because that’s exactly what the Power Gauge is doing right now.

Marc Chaikin’s Stock Recommendation

Marc pinpointed a company that uses a radical new form of technology to change the way we consume energy. It operates as an oil company. But in fact, it’s devoted to green energy.

His #1 bullish recommendation is Occidental Petroleum. The ticker is OXY.

They have created a method known as “carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery” that effectively addresses climate change.

On the Power Gauge, the stock is currently classified as VERY BULLISH.

In fact, Warren Buffett has a large stake in the company.

But most significantly… Energy is one of the few industries that has recently been SOARING in today’s stock market. People will pay any price for electricity, which is why this is the case. And in the continual evolution of energy consumption, this corporation is one of the most important participants.

Marc Chaikin Warning

Marc’s number one bearish pick is Zillow (Z).

Now, Zillow is very popular. Zillow was a very, very hot stock with a bullish Power Gauge rating due to the increase in home purchases, migration from large cities, and other factors.

But Power Gauge rating on Zillow is currently negative. Marc’s opinion is that this stock is extremely risky, and he doesn’t believe it’s the right strategy for the next stage of America’s reopening.

Is Marc Chaikin Prediction for 2023 Legit?

The 2023 Prediction Presentation by Marc Chaikin provides reliable information on potential investment opportunities.

With Power Gauge on your side, you have the advantage of being able to identify precisely which stocks are expected to receive a BUY rating within the upcoming three to six months.

Use that information to your advantage so that you may invest in the best-performing stocks Before TO ANYONE ELSE.

How Much Is Chaikin Prediction for 2023 Bundle?

Typically, The Power Gauge Report will cost $199 a year.

For limited time, you can try Marc’s work RISK-FREE with a 75% discount.

Hurry up and you will pay just $49 for an entire year.

I think you’ll find this offer more than pays for itself.

Marc Chaikin’s 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Your order is protected by Marc Chaikin’s 100% cash, money back, Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

You will have 30 days to decide if Power Gauge Report is for you.

If you are not happy for any reason during this period, you can contact their member service and receive full cash refund.

Upon renewal of your Power Gauge Report, Chaikin Analytics will charge you $199 (plus taxes). To cancel without incurring the renewal fee, you must do it prior the renewal date.

Is Marc Chaikin Prediction for 2023 Deal Worth It?

Think about this:

By signing up now you are guaranteed to get every month the name of a stock you’d likely never hear about from your financial advisor or broker. You will receive this monthly opportunity from the man who helped create Wall Street’s entire stock rating system!

The best part is that all of this is available for less than the cost of a casual dinner. You can also request a FULL CASH REFUND if you are not happy with this service.

Don’t forget: With full access to Power Pulse ratings for a full year, the number of attractive stocks you could find with this bundle is essentially limitless.

We believe this is a great opportunity at irresistible price point. Don’t turn down this offer.

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