Mason Sexton Prophecy Event Review: Details & Registration

At The Prophecy FREE online event, Mason Sexton will tell what he sees coming in the next three years, including a huge market event he predicts will take place between JULY 12th and JULY 21st.

URGENT stock market prediction for 2023

Mason Sexton Prophecy Event Review

Mason Sexton will go public in a historic event called The Prophecy on May 23rd at 10 a.m. ET.

At this FREE online event, Mason Sexton will lay out his exact forecast of what he sees coming in America over the next 3 years… including a significant market event that he believes will occur between JULY 12th and JULY 21st.

This is when he believes we’ll see the start of something we haven’t seen in America in at least 50 years.

If there is ONE event you don’t want to miss this year, it’s Mason Sexton Prophecy Event.


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Why Should You Listen to Mason Sexton?

Mason Sexton embarked on a 40-year Wall Street career after graduating from Harvard Business School in 1972…

He was Morgan Stanley employee #188. And previously worked with Solomon Brothers, Mitchell Hutchins, and Warburg Paribas Becker.

In 1984, he founded Harmonic Research, a stock and bond market timing service.

Timer Digest named him a “Top 10 Timer” in 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993, and 1994, when he made the cover.

Over the last two decades, he has advised numerous significant technological companies, multinational banks, financial advisors, mutual funds, and hedge funds (including two of the top ten performing hedge funds last year).

He also projected the bottom of the 2009 financial crisis, the peak (and bottom) of the COVID crash, and the exact top of the market last year.

As well as the market’s ten worst days in the last three years. Each and every one!

How To Prepare for Mason Sexton Prophecy Event?

As we get closer to the Prophesy Event, Mason Sexton and his team will reveal video series, highlighting important information of what is coming. Make sure that you sign up for this event and get access to these recordings.

Video# 1: Timing

Timing is everything when it comes to the stock market.

In this video, you’ll discover why most experts are so bad at timing (especially when it came to predicting what would happen in 2022). And you’ll get a glimpse at why Mason Sexton has been able to nail—not only the top last year—but almost every major turn in the market for the last 40 years.

Video# 2: See it on May 21st.

Video# 3: See it on May 22nd.

Then, take the next step in preparation for The Prophecy right now and register as a VIP guest.


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The largest hedge funds like Millennium Management, Citadel, Point72, and more are now anxiously awaiting the greatest Wall Street event of 2023. More than $10 trillion and more than half of the U.S. stock market will be impacted… And abnormally large gains – and losses – are set to follow.

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Mason Sexton Prophecy Event: What will you get as a VIP ?

As a VIP for The Prophecy event, you will receive the following 5 benefits:

  • What was the catalyst? Details on the big event that Mason Sexton expects will occur between July 12th and July 21st.
  • The three most important dates to remember from 2023 to 2026.
  • VIP-only text reminders and updates
  • Opportunity to win 4 MONTHS of Mason Sexton’s daily market emails. Five VIPs will be chosen. Mason sends daily emails to a limited list of roughly 20 people regarding the market (and what he sees coming). This is a very high-level list. That’s why hedge funds frequently pay him $5,000 to $10,000 a month for his observations. And you might find your name on the list.
  • Surprise bonus.


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Mason Sexton Prophecy Event: Final Words

This is one event in 2023 that you don’t want to miss. On May 23rd Mason Sexton will reveal his method how exactly he is able to make his predictions. How he can pinpoint the exact time when the stock market will turn.

You will also learn Mason’s forecast for the next 3 years and the one suggested move you can take right now to prepare for what’s coming.

See you on May 23rd at 10 a.m. ET at

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