Martin Weiss Warning: Your Bank Account Could Be Frozen

In 1990, the Brazilian government froze the bank accounts of thousands of citizens.

In 2013, the victims were the people of Cyprus.

In 2022, it hit closer to home — in Canada. The government used its 1988 Emergency Act to freeze the bank accounts of hundreds of striking truckers.

Think nothing like this could happen in the United States? If so, think again.


The Federal Reserve System Docket No. OP-1670, reveals the plan.

See the front page right here

It gives the Fed the power to track and potentially even control your checking account.

Not just the money you have in your account at the moment …

But also, every single check, withdrawal, deposit, and transaction.

Practically everything you do with your money!

You can find out the eerie details by clicking here.

Be sure to do so with urgency.

A pilot program is already underway.

The next step is to roll it out to nearly every bank in America.

Click here to learn how to protect your money.

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