Joel Litman Warnings And Predictions: Hidden Alpha Microcaps To Buy

Joel Litman predicts a huge turnaround this year, leading to a sustained new phase in the bull market. And even better, he says that he knows exactly which companies could soon rise 100% or more along the way, beginning with a tech stock Joel urges you to buy immediately. But is he really on to something? I’m putting Joel Litman’s Hidden Alpha and Altimeter system latest presentation and package under the microscope to find out.


Joel Litman Winning Sector Portfolio PicksThe Market Hasn’t Done This in 15 Years

Wealth has evaporated. Companies are announcing salary freezes and unpaid furloughs. The price of everything keeps climbing while the values of our most precious assets, like our homes and investment accounts, are depreciating. There’s a strange reason why, but Wall Street won’t tell you about it.

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Joel Litman’s Prediction: Stocks To Buy?


Joel’s ability to predict the market’s biggest moves has landed him invitations to the Marine Corps War College… the FBI Nationwide Forensics Conference… and even the U.S. Pentagon, where he recently delivered an eye-opening message.

In short: If you’re worried about the market this year, we have big news for you.

Joel’s predictions have brought him the attention of CNBC, Forbes, Barron’s, and more – for good reason.

Joel accurately predicted the 2008 and 2020 Crashes…

He’s exposed 57 companies for potential fraud, with many that went bankrupt or fell to almost zero after his analysis…

And he called the bottom of the 2020 Crash with a series of stock picks that could have doubled your money – or better – 10 different times.

And now – today – he’s sharing his NEWEST prediction, which he believes will lead to an even bigger opportunity.

Do You Own These 10 Stocks? (Urgent Warning)

A lot of experts are foolishly predicting a bear market in 2023.

Here’s why:

Joel Litman Hidden Alpha Altimeter System

Public data keeps pointing to the stock market as being “expensive.”

But these numbers are wrong!

Take a look, below.

Joel Litman and his team of forensic accountants recalculated the earnings for every company in the S&P 500.

Here’s the TRUE measure of the market:

Joel Litman Hidden Alpha Altimeter System

Even BEFORE the crash in 2022, stocks were cheaper than reported!

And stocks are still cheap (a lot cheaper) today.

Keep in mind: Joel Litman used this same approach to warn about the 2008 crash, four months before it happened, at the New York City CFA Society.

And to call the 2020 crash a month before it happened.

Bottom-line: Joel Litman predicts a huge turnaround this year, leading to a sustained new phase in the bull market.

And even better, he knows exactly which companies could soon rise 100% or more along the way, beginning with a tech stock Joel urges you to buy immediately.

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Joel’s prediction for 2023

In short, Joel Litman doesn’t think we’ll see a years-long bear market or a long, drawn-out recession at all.

There’ll be some hiccups, for sure, as we’ve already seen. But ultimately, as Joel demonstrates today with his Hidden Alpha and Altimeter system system, we’re headed for a massive and sustained new phase in the bull market… which nobody on Wall Street wants you to know about.

That’s because it could cause one particular type of investment to skyrocket. And they want to get there first.

Don’t expect anybody in the media to tell you about it… But the little-talked-about investment that Joel Litman is sharing in his presentation is the #1 place to put your cash immediately.

Well…. maybe you ask yourself now: If Joel is not predicting a long bear market… how is that a financial disaster?

Joel Litman’s Warning: “Financial Disaster is Coming”

To answer this question, Joel gives his readers a perfect example:

Back in 2010, here’s the Return on Assets posted by Wall Street. Again, a simple measure of how successful the company is.

Joel Litman Hidden Alpha Altimeter System


Now, is that impressive? Kind of – but not enough to get you excited. For example, Disney posted the exact same number back in 2018, and the stock has done nothing since then.

What REALLY matters is how big the discrepancy is between that reported number and the REAL, TRUE earnings number Joel Litman determined through his forensic accounting system. The bigger the distortion… often, the bigger result you could see by acting on the stock.

He ran Apple through his system.

Here’s the REAL, TRUE number for Apple back in 2010 – the year they first released the iPad.

Joel Litman Hidden Alpha Altimeter System

Almost 7 times higher! A huge distortion.

And yet, Wall Street didn’t correct the number at all!

This amounted to an entire campaign of misinformation that would have caused you to miss the 2,500% gain Apple has seen since then.

Joel Litman Hidden Alpha Altimeter System

To miss that kind of money-making opportunity – during what was, at the time, a historic bull market, especially when you’re getting close to retirement – amounts to nothing less than a FINANCIAL DISASTER.

With the cost of living getting higher and higher, pension funds a mess, and social security extremely underfunded, you simply can’t afford to look at the wrong numbers and miss the potential 10-baggers exposed by Joel Litman’s system, in bull or bear markets.

All the things you need for retirement – real estate, healthcare and so on – they’re all getting MORE EXPENSIVE!

Millions of Americans aren’t going to be able to afford these things because they won’t have as much money as they should. They’re missing out on the best gains in the market.

And the sad part is, Wall Street banks and funds WANT you to look at the wrong numbers, while they grow wealthier because they alone have the correct information!

More than half of Apple’s shares are held by institutions, who think nothing of spending the $100,000 a month it costs to get the REAL, TRUE numbers behind the best companies… because they know how valuable this is.

According to Joel, we’ve seen this time and again over the last decade on individual companies, as we’ve discussed so far.

But today, Joel’s Hidden Alpha and Altimeter system research shows it’s about to happen ACROSS THE ENTIRE MARKET on a historically wide scale… and across one particular category of investment most people aren’t even considering right now!

Missing this opportunity in the coming months will be the greatest financial mistake of your life. If you missed the bull rally that followed the COVID crash, this is your wake-up call to take action now.


Severe Stock Warning: A New Financial Crisis Is Underway

It doesn’t matter if you have money in the markets right now, or you’re waiting on the sidelines. The short period we’re about to enter could have the power to make – or destroy – fortunes. And what you do in the coming days could determine your wealth for the next decade. Here’s what’s happening and how to prepare.

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Where To Put Your Money Immediately?

Joel Litman urges you to buy small companies with massive earnings distortions. Especially in one sector.

And that’s because he believes the public is dramatically underestimating how strong earnings growth will be in the coming months, regardless of what’s happening in the overall market or economy. And this will be most obvious in the smallest stocks.

OK, then which sector should we be looking at right now?

Here’s my detailed review of Joel Litman’s elite service Microcap Confidential where he explains how he finds the winning sectors.

Next step is to find the correct microcap stock. Why microcap stocks?

A section of U.S. law dating back to 1830 called the “Prudent Man Rule” forbids pension fund managers and other large institutional managers from investing in microcap stocks smaller than $500 million.

The idea is that a prudent bank shouldn’t be pouring money into a stock that can experience huge swings.

And with most microcaps, that’s true!

But of course, NOT with the ones where you can see they’re destined for massive earnings growth.

So Wall Street has to wait on the sidelines, basically DROOLING over these stocks.

Meanwhile – by using Joel Litman’s Hidden Alpha and Altimeter system – you can BEAT them at their own game and get into these stocks BEFORE they do.

Nothing can make you richer than getting a piece of an unknown stock AHEAD of the smart money on Wall Street.

Essentially, these microcaps with a huge earnings distortion receive a kind of “boost” by Wall Street that can propel the stock up as much as 100% on just that flood of institutional money alone.

How To Get Started?

To get started Joel Litman and his team have launched a one-of-a-kind research service for everyday folks, called Hidden Alpha.“Alpha” is a term used by Wall Street to describe an investment with outsized returns.

Joel Litman Hidden Alpha Review

And quite simply, it’s the only place where, each month, you can get the full details on which companies have real potential to make you 500% gains or more using Joel Litman’s Altimeter forensic analysis.

Each month, Joel and his team will publish all the details of their newest recommendation, including how each stock fits into the Altimeter system’s view of the market as a whole.

Most importantly… when the system says to sell, they’ll alert you on when to close your position for the biggest potential gain.

So in Hidden Alpha, Joel Litman and his team show which companies have the biggest earnings distortions and what his forensics say…

And through today’s Hidden Alpha special offer, Joel Litman will also give you FREE ACCESS to the Altimeter system, for the next year.

You can type in any stock ticker… see its true earnings… and see what’s REALLY going on inside the stock.

Joel Litman Altimeter System

What Comes With the Service?

Here’s everything you’ll receive:

One full year of Hidden Alpha

Each month, Prof. Joel Litman will email you a new briefing with his #1 stock recommendation with the potential to make you 2 to 3 times your money, using the same forensic analysis he’s taught to the FBI and the U.S. Pentagon.

Special Updates

Throughout the month, Joel will email you updates as needed, telling you when to lock-in gains… add to or close a position… and any new developments.

The Altimeter system

Where you can type in any of 500 different stocks and run your own analysis. With one button, the system will give you the chance to predict which stocks could soon surprise the market with earnings and rise 100% or more. This is the same analysis Joel’s clients pay him up to $100,000 a month to receive (like the world’s top 10 investment houses and 200 biggest money managers, who have all been his clients.)

Joel’s warnings and predictions

He predicted the 2008 and 2020 crashes… called the bottom of the 2020 crash with a series of stock picks that could have doubled your money or better 10 different times… and after the 2008 crash, he recommended a series of stock picks that saw gains of 301%… 445%… 878%… 1,566%… then called for the bull market to continue for the next decade… and more.

Joel’s archive of model portfolios and reports

Including instant access to the top stocks he recommends you buy now, which he’ll constantly add to each month.

Top 3 Popular Stocks to Avoid Now

Do you own any of these? If so, sell immediately… because Joel and his team have exposed 57 companies as potential losers, with many that went bankrupt or fell to nearly zero after his analysis.

Joel’s legendary talk at Harvard Business Club

It was standing room only when Joel delivered an exposé to a packed room that included Harvard MBA students and professors on how to accurately spot massive distortions in small stocks that could rise 1,000%.

Microcap Secrets: How to Make 100% to 500% Gains Using Forensic Analysis

Microcap Secrets: How to Make 100% to 500% Gains Using Forensic Analysis

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • How to predict which microcaps could soon go up, in bull or bear markets, using TRUE earnings.
  • Red flags that indicate a company may be headed for a crash. (In 2020, Joel and his team exposed a media stock that fell to zero with this secret.)
  • The one number you must get right when deciding whether to buy a small stock for 100% potential gains.
  • 3 microcaps to buy immediately.

Mystery Gift from Joel

Others have paid upwards of $73,000 to access the source of this gift. But you’ll receive it, as a courtesy from Joel, at no extra charge.

The TimeTable Investor

This is Joel’s newest release, which gives you his monthly outlook on the market, broken down by credit, earnings and valuation… the optimal length of time to deploy your assets into a new investment… and what percentage of your assets should be in cash, stocks and bonds. Normally $199 each year, you’ll receive a full year of access, free of charge.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you get in today, you can receive one full year of Hidden Alpha at the special price of $49.

Hidden Alpha Refund Policy

You’re protected by Joel Litman’s 100% cash, money-back, Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Hidden Alpha Refund

Is Joel Litman’s Hidden Alpha Worth It?

Joel Litman, a forensic accountant who’s developed a one-of-a-kind way to see earnings distortions in over 6,000 different stocks before the public has a clue… for the chance to make multiple times your money, which he’ll reveal every single month in his best-selling Hidden Alpha.

Order right now and get up to 75% OFF the price.

…along with FREE access to the companies in the S&P 500 in his Altimeter system for the next year.

Plus his model portfolio of the top 3 microcaps to buy now…

Plus FREE access to his bonus report, Top 3 Popular Stocks to Avoid Now…

Plus, his full research report: Microcap Secrets: How to Make 100% to 500% Gains Using Forensic Analysis.

And his free lecture at Harvard University.

Now of course, I have to remind you that all investments carry risks and past performance does not guarantee future results. Microcaps can be volatile so you should never invest more than you could lose.

And again, this offer is totally risk-free.

That means you’ll have the next 30 days to review Joel’s special reports, his system, his model portfolio, which shows you which stocks could double your money using forensic analysis of company earnings.

Just keep in mind: This special offer, with all of the bonuses, can be taken down at any time today. So to secure the best possible deal, we urge you to order now.

To get started, simply click the link below.

Joel Litman Hidden Alpha Altimeter System Discount

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