Bill O’Reilly and Alexander Green America’s Financial Independence Day

America’s most-watched cable television news host for 16 straight years, Bill O’Reilly…

And The New York Times four-time bestselling financial author Alexander Green…

Are cordially inviting you to join them this Thursday, June 9, at 8 p.m. ET, for the most important wealth-protecting… and wealth-building event of 2022.

It’s called America’s Financial Independence Day.

You just simply need to reserve your spot today – for FREE – right now!


The event’s purpose is to help YOU build and protect your money during some of the most challenging stock market conditions we’ve experienced in a long time.

Every time Bill and Alex get together, it results in another incredible wealth-building opportunity for folks like you.

For example, in April 2020, amidst the coronavirus crash sell-off, Alex told Bill that Discovery was primed to soar… It shot up as much as 266% in 11 months.

And then, Alex said Dicerna Pharmaceuticals was a top pick in February 2021… It was bought out nine months later at a major premium, and Dicerna’s stock saw a one-day burst of 79%.

And back in 2019, Alex recommended Marvell Technology alongside Bill… It shot up as high as 275% in 27 months.

$5K in each of those stocks would’ve turned into $46,030.

But as Alex will explain at the event, those past gains could pale in comparison with what you’ll discover.

Because he’ll reveal one of the greatest moneymaking strategies ever, backed by multiple studies.

It can help you make more money… in less time… than ever before…

No matter what’s happening in the markets.

Simply click here  accept your invitation to the FREE special event.

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