Accelerated Profits Summit Review – Is Bryan Bottarelli’s Tool Legit?

Accelerated Profits Summit is where Bryan Bottarelli is going live to share his single most powerful tool for spot the best trading opportunities.

This is a FREE event to show a completely new kind of technology that could accelerate your success in the market.

Until now, people who had access to this technology were Bryan’s followers in The War Room.

For the first time ever, you will have opportunity to see it for FREE.

What to expect from Accelerated Profits Summit?

During his Accelerated Profits Summit, Bryan will demonstrate a brand-new technology that uses proprietary algorithms and machine learning to identify high-probability setups.

This technology can help you target same-day gains as high as 400%, 288%, and even 553%.

You won’t find this tool on a Bloomberg terminal, on Yahoo Finance or on your broker’s website. You will be able to see this amazing technology only if you attend Accelerated Profits Summit LIVE.

This summit is 100% live with Q&A at the end.

Their plan is to open up the live chat 30 minutes prior to the event (at 1:30 p.m. ET)

During the event you will be able to chat with the event moderators.

Bryan Bottarelli’s new technology at a glance

During Accelerated Profits Summit, Bryan Bottarelli will show his audience in real time the setups the technology spots. This tool will be available to use the very next day to help you take your trades to the next level. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive daily double- and triple-digit opportunities
  • Access LIMITLESS profit potential
  • Scan AUTOMATICALLY for nearly infinite “W” and “M” patterns
  • Receive completely personalized alerts in real time.
  • Use machine learning and proprietary trading algorithms you WON’T find anywhere else.
  • See the exhaustive back test spanning over 2,300 setups.

Here are the reports from the first two weeks of use of this revolutionary trading tool.

Who is Bryan Bottarelli?

Bryan’s first job out of college was selling stock options on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange.  He graduated with a business degree from Indiana University’s highly regarded Kelley School of Business (CBOE).

During the technological boom, from 1999 to 2000, he was trained by one of the nation’s top traders. Bryan discovered and put into practice some of his most effective trading secrets while carrying out his deals in real time—secrets that hardly ever reach individual traders outside the CBOE.

Bryan transforms opportunities and chart formations into beautiful, effective, and profitable recommendations using his practical experience of floor trading. Additionally, Bryan is able to provide his readers with exceptional gain possibilities while strictly minimizing their overall risk by employing the same hedging strategies taught by professional floor traders.

Bryan has built up a cumulative track record over the years that would impress even the most seasoned hedge fund managers.

He currently spends his days running The War Room, one of the most exclusive trade research forums ever made.

Accelerated Profits Summit: Final Words

“I’ve searched for 20 years to find this ONE powerful trading tool…. And I’m going LIVE to share it with you”. These are Bryan’s words regarding Accelerated Profits Summit.

If you haven’t already… be sure to mark your calendar. I am sure you will learn a lot during this FREE event.

Bryan’s promise is that it will be a blast!

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